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Want to find out about the AMAZING benefits of EPS insulation? Look no further! Find the answers in our FREE ULTIMATE GUIDE. Click the button below to get started!
Looking for an insulation board supply company in the Midwest that’s reputable and affordable? 
At Insulation King we make your purchases cost-effective and convenient.

By using reclaimed and recycled foam insulation boards, you can save between 50-70% on your large spec projects!


Poorly insulated homes can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted heating costs. With Insulation King you can save on materials and stop wasting money on your heat bill!

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We can accommodate large orders of material delivered directly to your location. Save between 50-70% on insulation costs with reclaimed and recycled materials!

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We Deliver!

Call or Text us at 330-730-6711 to schedule your delivery.
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4'X4' Polyiso Boards For Sale!

For a limited time, Ohio Insulation is pleased to offer 4'x4' Polyiso insulation boards for your next construction project. Polyiso insulation boards have the highest R-value per inch of any rigid board insulation, which means its ideal for any insulation initiative. These insulation boards contain blowing agents with zero ODP and low GWP and can reduce building energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Our Polyiso insulation boards are not just affordable but provide green benefits as well.


Polyiso boards are flexible, lightweight and compatible with virtually roof and wall coverings, adhesives, and attachment systems. These boards also can be cut with just a utility knife or saw.


We have 2" or 3" thick boards.


Contact us today to schedule a time to pick up our Polyiso boards for your next insulation project.

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Ohio Insulation King
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Akron, Ohio 44312
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